Best Bedroom Window Curtains To Block Sunlight

Bedroom Window Curtains – The bedroom is an escape room for sleeping and resting. If uninterrupted sleep is vital, curtains and curtains that block out sun are a must for bedroom decoration. The fabric and color of the chosen curtain are the keys to blocking the sun from the bedroom windows. Keep these two elements in mind when choosing bedroom curtains.

Window Treatments

Blackout style curtains are made of thick fabric that blocks out sunlight. They also help insulate the rooms, since much of the heat and energy is lost through the windows. Blackout curtains have a tight tissue backing, often several layers, which blocks most of the light coming in through the windows of the bedroom. You can also easily transform your old blackout curtains into style by adding dark liners from a craft store or haberdashery items.

Curtains lined-thermal or coated curtains are generally efficient in blocking the sunlight from bedroom windows so you can get extra sleep. Thermal lining curtains have a lining of insulating material. A thermal liner can not only block unwanted sunlight but keep cold drafts and summer heat out of the house. Double line curtains that reduce the ability of usurpation of sunlight by using two layers of coating. Double line curtains are thick and heavy, blocking sunlight, insulating windows and adding privacy.

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