Bike Roof Rack Carrier

Bike roof rack – The roof bike rack requires the installation of roof bars. It allows you to carry up to 4 bikes (depending on the width of your vehicle). Allows you to maintain good rear visibility and to access the box. Your bicycle is fixed firmly, and gets very little dirt. This first solution should be taken into greater consideration when you are in possession of very nice or very expensive new bikes.

Bike Racks Car Roof

They are attached to the roof rack bars that can be mounted on the car roof. There are two types of this bike rack car roof. Those with fixing to the frame and those with fixing to the fork. In the second case the front wheel must be detached and placed in the car. Or anchored to the wheel holders that can be mounted next to the bike carrier on the car roof. Roof racks are usually made for a single bicycle. And if you have more bikes you will need to buy as many as you need. They consist of a raceway, generally in aluminum or steel.

In which the wheels of the bikes are to be housed and a lever to secure the frame (in the case of fixing to the fork, the lever is not present). Take care that the duct is wide enough to accommodate your tires or has adjustable slots. The attachment of the fixing to the frame must be compatible with the width and the geometry of your down tube. Tthe one on which it must be anchored. It is important that the wheels can be secured with a strap that gives greater stability to the bike when traveling. Also make sure the roof mounted bike rack attachments fit your needs.

12 Bike Roof Rack Carrier Photos