Cleaning Marble Top Sofa Table

Marble top sofa table can be a great way to add some elegance and natural beauty to your home. The marble variation and high gloss can help to improve any decoration. Marble is a natural stone and will require special care if you choose to use a marble table. The wrong type of cleaner, lack of sealant or even just a cup of coffee used without a mountain could cause a marble discoloration. You will be able to decrease the appearance of these spots drastically by using stone care products.

Modern Marble Top Sofa Table

Clean the marble top well with a stone cleaner. Stone separators are available in spray bottles for easy use. Spray the cleaner on the table and polish with a lint-free cloth. This will remove stains from the surface of the marble. Apply a poultice to the marble top. Cataplasm is a paste used to remove stains and discolorations from inside the stone. It can you purchase in most stone pens and available both pre-mix and as a powder that mixed with water.

Run the poultice over the discolored areas of the marble top. And cover the poultice with a piece of plastic to seal in. Let stand for one hour. Rinse the poultice from the table with water and then clean the top again with a stone cleaner, polish the top dry with a lint-free cloth.

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