Color For Garage Door Paint

Garage door paint – If you give your garage door a new layer of color to celebrate the spring, look to nature for your color tones. Yellow and green are often associated with spring as the grass begins to grow and flowers bloom. But the garage door is also part of your home, so choose colors that bind well with the rest of your color scheme. Taking the surrounding colors into account, you can have a brand new look for your garage that doesn’t seem scary.

Beautiful Garage Door Paint


The garage door paint should reflect the color of your home so it does not draw attention away from the house. However, a happy golden yellow can brighten your garage door in the spring. Especially if it is flanked by the planters or discounts with marigolds, daffodils and other colorful flowers. Choose a warm, rich gold that complements the other colors in your area. Especially if your primary outer color is white, gray or any color of stone or brick.


Grass shoots and leaves that bud and grow in the spring tend to give a sense of renewal and growth in the area. Most house colors do not look good with a bright grass green garage, however. Incorporate spring greens without overwhelming your home look by garage door paint a silver show green. Brown will have dark red and gray homes with a nice face lift from a certain garage door. While white and some shades of blue may work well with a mint green tint. If your house is already dark green, choose a garage shade that is about three shades lighter than the rest of your home;

12 Color For Garage Door Paint Photos