Cool Garage Design Ideas

Garage design ideas – The construction of a garage is subject to several legal obligations if it was not planned during the construction of your house. First, start by asking your town hall to consult the PLU (Local Plan of Urbanism) or the POS (Land Occupancy Plan). This document lets you know what urban planning rules apply for the construction of a garage in your city. Such as color of the roof of the garage, distance from the neighbor’s land …

9×10 Garage Design Ideas

The application for a building permit for your garage is mandatory in several cases. If you are in an area not cover by a PLU or a POS. And the surface of your garage to build exceeds 20 m². If you are in an area covered by a PLU or a POS, and that the surface of the future garage is at least 40 m².

Or that the work carried out involve the creation of an area of between 20 and 40 m². And that ‘after construction the total floor area exceeds 150 m². If the floor area of the garage to build is between 5 and 20 m² included. You can simply make a preliminary declaration of work. It will allow the administration to verify that your construction project is in compliance with the rules of urbanism.

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