Crazy Shower Curtains With Extra Long Shower Curtains

Crazy Shower Curtains – Many homes are currently build bigger, therefore, bathrooms are usually made to match the theme of a larger house with a higher ceiling. Because of the higher ceiling, the shower head will also install higher than the standard shower head. The standard shower curtain is make to fit the standard height of the shower head which makes the shower size seventy inches by seventy inches. The longer the curtain will have at least eighty four inches long. Shower curtains, to fit, must be around ten inches above the shower head.

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Longer curtains have the advantage of keeping water from the bathroom floor and making sure everything is in a dry shower area. This is most important if parents or children use a shower. A dry floor will prevent the floor from slipping and falling. In addition, you can use a shower liner that will match the longer curtain color that will give it style. Longer shower curtains are present in many materials such as: vinyl, which is now consider unfriendly; silk, which is by far the most elegant; nylon, known to dry quickly; polyester or cotton, which is easy to care for, as well as other fabrics such as taffeta, satin, and others.

These old blinds can be bought in all colors, floral patterns, bumps, or geometry, and they come in all themes ranging from animals, to Disney, to exotic ones. After you decide to revive your bathroom, or if you have a newer bathroom, you will buy a longer shower curtain. However, before you do that, you must make a decision about that color; pattern, if any; theme, if any; and the fabric.

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