Decorating Ideas With Narrow Sofa Table

Narrow Sofa Table – Make the most of the area behind the sofa with functional pieces that serve as decorative elements. When the eye is attracted to an empty space behind the sofa, the result is usually a room that appears clinical and lacks warmth or dimension. Go from mundane to wonderful with a piece of the sofa or accent table that makes the whole room look more attractive.

Narrow Sofa Table Target

A sofa table reaching the same height as the sofa is an excellent backdrop for a small lamp and decorative accessories such as candles or books. Choose a long, narrow table to follow the line of the stretcher. A table in an unexpected tone like red or yellow adds a touch of color and joy to dark or neutral colored sofas. Patterned sofas call for tables with softer finishes, such as natural woods or blue or pale beige paint schemes.

For smaller areas that receive sufficient sunlight, opt for a tall indoor plant behind the sofa to create a fresh-looking environment. Easy care indoor plants, such as palms or corn plants not only create oxygen but also protect your couch from the sun’s harmful rays. Place an up-light on the base of the floor and connect it to a timer to create consistent evening lighting for a warm light that makes your sofa look even more attractive.

24 Decorating Ideas With Narrow Sofa Table Photos