Design Ideas Wood Garage Doors

Create wood garage doors that blend well with the exterior doors of the house. Use garage doors with a colonial design, if the doors of the houses adjust to this period, for example. Buy doors, however, that use today’s technology, such as the installation of a door in tracking that can be lifted with an electric garage door opener. Unless the house is historic, they require some kind of opening of the car door from the side, designing a door that rises in the roof space. Wooden garage doors are very heavy, so having an automatic door opening system will always be a good idea.

Wood Garage Doors Plan

Measure the opening space. Define the height and width of the exact door. Visit a home improvement store to see the styles up close. Look at several options for exterior doors, such as those with raised panels or smooth-faced sections. Select a wider, heavier door that is constructed in three or four articulated sections to make hand raising or self-opening much easier. Choose a solid one-piece wooden door that has no horizontal divisions if the door fits a garage of a car.

Choose a design of the door with the windows in most cases. Then, choose a garage door with significant glass space across the width of the door, so you can look out before opening the door. Do not drive the car out of the garage when it is dark before searching outside, as an unwanted visitor might be there. Use the windows of the garage door to ensure that people or other vehicles that are not on the road at night, too.

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