Excellent Oak Sofa Table Ideas Combine

Oak sofa table – The great thing about natural woods is that they work excellently with minimalism. You can also see this at this unique coffee table, where six intermediate blocks of wood constitute the actual plate with a single black metal frame as direct contrast. This combination works really well because the natural is allowed to appear as an artistic feature.

Oak Sofa Table With Glass Top

Well, it is not the same designer who is behind this otherwise close to identical coffee tables with the aforementioned. Except the size of course. For the smaller living rooms it would be a nice size to choose as a coffee table. Where in the larger ones it would work fine as a side table with the large model as the primary coffee table. Apart from being a nightmare to have a coffee table with a glass plate to keep it shiny, it is also a nice solution.

The world-renowned furniture designer Finn Juhl is famous for his innovative designs that combine minimalism with creativity. This square floor table is not just nice to look at. You can change the design just by turning the tabletop where you find another color. It is a really cool feature, as the furniture in this way is better able to maintain the news value.

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