Fancy Sailboat Shower Curtains

Sailboat shower curtains – In many baths you can shower for reasons of space usually in the bathtub. But just get in and celebrate a little shower orgy – that’s not good! At the latest when shampooing the hair splashes the water in all directions. A separation to the rest of the room must come! But which is better? A simple shower curtain or a fixed glass or plastic bath screen? Both solutions have their advantages – but also their disadvantages.

Blue Sailboat Shower Curtains

When it’s better to protect a shower curtain from being stranded in the bathroom, and when to have a shower wall – we’ll make the pros and cons check on shower enclosures for the bathtub! Alternatively, you can also tension a wire rope system by anchoring the two ends in the opposite walls. If the opposite, second wall is too far away, you can also use a corner barwork.

For better grip, however, this should be additionally attached to the ceiling. Hang the curtain in this case best on so-called spin-on hook on the rod – these can better slide the curtain around the corner. On the other hand, if the bathroom is rather simple, you can be a little braver and choose a fancy model when choosing the curtain.

12 Fancy Sailboat Shower Curtains Photos