Fixing Steps For Tufted Leather Sofa Buttons

Tufted Leather Sofa – Couch buttons occasionally fall out, either due to stress or normal wear. These buttons are sometimes purely decorative, but in most cases, they carry out the formation of knots instead. Replacing the button and keeping the knots in place requires a needle upholstery. These curved needles allow you to sew through the pad, even if you can not access the back of the fabric. Most upholstery fabric stores carry both needles and threads of high-strength upholstery.

Armless Tufted Leather Sofa

Cut the button if it is still connected, but loose or hanging. Pass a curved upholstery needle with heavy upholstery thread. Pass the needle through the couch cushion, starting from the location where the button was originally associated. Push the needle until the back of the cushion for attached cushions is scraped. For unattached cushions, push the needle until it reaches the fabric again, but do not allow it to pass through the fabric to the other side of the cushion.

Insert the needle through the front of the cushion, carrying it out to the point of entry of the initial needle. Pass the button on the needle. Sew once or twice more through the mattress to hold the button in place. Tie the 3-inch thread and tail together in a double knot. Trim the ends of the thread, and put the knot behind the button.

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