Floating Nightstand With Drawer To Optimize Space

The bedside table is an essential piece of furniture to better store his books or place a lamp. A small room does not always have one, at least in appearance. Discover today the manufacture of a bedside that will hardly encumber your bedroom. We give you a tip to build a floating nightstand with drawer saving. Although the square meters are not at the rendezvous in your room, this clever storage will allow you to optimize space while beautifying it.

DIY Floating Nightstand Drawer

Realization of the bedside Begin by dressing a board of wood with linen fabric. To tighten the fabric, staple it well on the back of the board. Then drill at the top of it to create the fixture of the lamp. Then screw the support of the electrical system to the board.

Then, slide the wire into the hole to connect it to the socket and switch. Now move on to setting a square at the bottom of the board. This will be used for the location of the tray of your bedside. After screwing the square, screw the tablet. It remains only to fix your wall bedside space on the wall. Now we leave you with our images of floating nightstand with drawer so you see that well stay in your home.

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