Garage Door Colors For Sandstone Brick Houses

Garage door colors – The color of the garage door can be mixed on the facade of your house or show a bright contrast. But you must relate to the color scheme in some way to help create a cohesive composition. A garage door that is painted in a color that collides with the rest of the house will ruin the attractive exterior of the house. Especially if the garage is prominent at the front of the house.

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Gray is the dominant color of a sandstone brick house. To create an effect in which the garage door does not dominate the house, paint in a color that is identical or very similar to, sandstone bricks. A garage door colors and styles that is exactly with that can create a monotonous facade. But that is just a shade lighter or darker than the bricks can create some visual interest without protruding. A garage door that is painted to blend in with the rest of the house will reduce the visual prominence of the street garage.


Do you not want the garage door to be excessively visible, but prefer not to paint it the same color as your sandstone bricks? So, painting it a neutral garage door color selector will make it look attractive without being too prominent. Black and white are the most neutral colors And any of them harmonize well with the gray of the sandstone bricks. As with bright colors, a neutral-colored garage door will look better if the rest of the trim in the house is painted the same color.

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