Hanging Up Room Divider Curtain

Room divider curtain is an effective and inexpensive way to make a room in two. A curtain room divider can provide a moving soft barrier for privacy in an apartment or create two private living spaces if you have two children sharing the same bedroom.

Room Divider Curtain Beads


Decide where and how high you will hang the curtain. With a pen, mark the position of one end of the curtain rod on a wall. Using a tape measure, measure the distance from the ceiling to the mark. If your marks are on a hollow part of the wall, drill a hole through the mark and insert the wall anchors before mounting the mounting brackets.

Measure the distance between the walls at the level of the mounting tool. Transfer the measurement to the clothes bar. Mark the bar so that it will reduce 1/4-inch shorter than the distance between the mounting brackets. Use a saw to cut the rod. Depending on the thickness of the sleeve, the rod may need to be trimmed to fit exactly, but it is better to cut the rod a little too long than too short. Try to hang the rod from the bar holder and trim the rod, if necessary. Thread the room divider curtain on the rod. Place the ends of the rod in the socket mounting tool. Distribute curtain fabric.


24 Hanging Up Room Divider Curtain Photos