How To Make A Full Length Wall Mirror

Full Length Wall Mirror – You can easily build many types and sizes of mirrors to hang on a wall. This article gives sources of materials and describes several examples of mirrors. And how to build them, including support materials and appropriate adhesives to hold the support material and the mirror together.

Full Length Wall Mirror White

Buy mirrors in most cities of mirror houses and specialty glass. They are available to order in any size up to about 5 feet by 7 feet. And in thicknesses of 1/8 inch (for smaller mirrors) up to 3/4 inch in 1/8 inch increments. Order any of several different edge treatments. Such as flat or polished beveled simple edges, beveled edges (basically a 45-degree bevel), and untreated plus specialty edges. Go back to the mirror with plywood. Paste the mirror to the plywood with adhesive for the construction of quality interiors (comes in tubes and is applied with a low-cost gun).

Buy box hanging hooks with adhesive holders that you can attach directly to the plywood to hang smaller projects. For heavy mirrors, put a couple of 1/2 inch 10 wood screws around three-quarters of the way to the top of the plywood, setting them towards the opposite edges. Adjust the larger mirrors directly on the floor, with or without a small slotted block to hold it in place, and lean the mirror against a wall.

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