Ideas To Make Sliding Garage Door Screen

The sliding garage door screen can let a cool breeze in the house, but only if it stays on the track. A sliding door screen that does not slide can be frustrating. You can easily replace the screen for a sliding door with a new metal structure and a little time. The result is an easy sliding door that stays on the track and allows air to circulate inside the house, keeping the insects out. Measure the tracks of the sliding door. Take the measurement inside the track to make sure you get the right size frame.

Sliding Garage Door Screen Ideas

Position the screen door rollers to the top and bottom or to the metal screen frame. Then, the brackets allow the rollers to slide over the end of the door easily. Use pliers to tighten the edges of the roller supports at the seams of the metal frame. You must place two sets of rollers on top of the metal frame and two sets on the bottom of the frame.

Place the metal structure on a flat, level surface and spread the mesh screen through the frame. There must be at least a half inch of excess mesh around each edge of the frame. Place the tab over the slot in the door frame. Use the grooving tool to press the tab into the groove. Be careful to pull the screen tight while pressing the tab in the slot.

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