Ikea Shoe Rack, Practical And Versatile

Ikea shoe rack – They are in fact always designed to make the most of the available space. Which is always assumed to be scarce, without however neglecting the aesthetic side. As for the shoe rack models, there are several models that allow you to place your shoes in a piece of furniture that must first be useful and durable. Since it is opened and closed daily, but also harmonious with the rest of furnishings and the surrounding environment.

Ikea Bench

Organizing shoes and keeping them always in order and within reach is easy with shoe ikea storage shelves with different models. Also variable sizes, neutral colors for easy matching in any room of the house. For example, BISSA is a slim shoe rack with two compartments. It’s available in black or brown at a price of € 19.95. Characterized inside by a ventilated space to preserve shoes for a long time.

This economical ikea shoe cabinet rack is also available with three compartments. In white color and at amodest price of € 29.95, an indicative figure to be better defined at the time of purchase. It is therefore possible to combine more ikea shoe racks of this kind. If you have so many shoes, and create a kind of wardrobe with greater volume. Asthetics is safeguarded and everything is in order and well organized.

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