Industrial Bathroom Vanity Lighting For Small Budgets

Industrial bathroom vanity lighting – First of all, be aware that installing lighting in your bathroom is not trivial. You will have to observe certain standards and safety rules before starting work. For example, if you want to put a lamp in your bath or your shower you will need to use 12V / SELV bulbs (Very Low Voltage). As for the 60 cm surrounding the bathing area, you are allowed to put a device running on 230V.

Industrial Bathroom Lighting Corner

Like spotlights, wall sconces can be installed in many areas of your bathroom. However, they do not fit and are usually fixed on a projecting part of the room. Note that there are also LED bathroom wall lights for small budgets. You can also opt for special bathroom mirror fixtures that are installed above it. They are most often orientable and allow you to light up without being too dazzled.

Good news: we can find LED bathroom wall lights in mirror version as well. On the other hand, some categories – such as vintage bathroom wall sconces (or other design styles such as black bathroom wall sconces, metal, etc.) – are less protected. Be sure to check its IP rating (categorized by volume) and class. For this type of technical specifications, IZI by EDF can advise you in your choice, so take no risk during installation.

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