Installing Wall Mirror With Lights

Wall mirror with lights normally found in bathrooms have some installation challenges. Unlike smaller mirrors, these mirrors are often cut to fit a spot and do not have traditional brackets. They are also heavier than other mirrors: a mirror that is more than 15 square feet can easily weigh more than a hundred pounds. But it is a common glass mirror also cheaper than any other type of mirror, making this a popular option for many renovating homeowners.

Round Wall Mirror With Lights


Use a rule detector to locate and mark with a pen position for studs located behind the mirror. Cut a piece of metal J channel to the exact length of your wall mirror with lights using a hand saw. The J channel should be wide enough to securely fit over the edge of your mirror. Place the j channel against the wall so that it can hold the bottom of the mirror in place. Use a carpenter’s level to make sure it’s level. Screw the J channel into place using an electric screwdriver, and make sure to screw through the metal and into the studs behind the wall.

Place a small piece of tape over the entire screw head; this will prevent the screws from scratching on the back of the mirror. Apply mirror mass to the part of the wall that will be behind the mirror using a dense gun. Be generous, but make sure the mastic is far enough away from the edge of the mirror to prevent it from being exposed when the mirror is in place. Lift the wall mirror with lights in place, making it fit perfectly in the J channel. Press the mirror in the wall lightly so that it comes in contact with the mastic mirror.

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