L Shaped Bookcase In DIY Arrangement

L Shaped Bookcase – The only problem with books is that they take up space. To place the bookshelves along the walls and soon runs out of space on the wall. Instead of placing the bookshelves side by side against a wall, place it back on your back. Instead of walking around the two bookshelves, attach them to a Lazy Susan. The shelves become the rotating tray. Rotate a bookshelf shelving using small and cheap ones that are lightweight. Books add weight so the bookseller does not spin too fast.

White Corner Bookcase

Remove the shelves from the two bookshelves and set them aside. Place the glue tube in the caulking gun. Cut the tip of the adhesive tube with the scissors. Set one of the shelves on the work surface for the back up. Run a line of adhesive around the perimeter of the back of a shelf and 1 inch from the edge. Run a zig-zag line of adhesive from one corner of the back of the shelf to the other. Press the back of the second shelf to the back of the first shelf so that they are evenly aligned. Allow the glue to dry and cure according to the instructions on the tube.


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