Luxurious Vintage Bathroom Sinks

There are two ways to plan a bathroom for two. You can combine two vintage bathroom sinks in a single vanity with a long, shared bar or you can opt for two smaller but separate vanities, each with its own sink, countertop and mirror. This type of arrangement is something that you would expect in a luxurious bathroom. Of course, if you want to sink into your bathroom, you need enough space for them.

Double Vintage Bathroom Sinks

There are many compact and space-saving designs available and most fit into a normal bathroom. Ideally, if you have two separate vanities in the bathroom, each should provide some sort of storage space for basics such as toothpaste, a soap dispenser, a towel, etc. Usually these would go in the cupboard under the sink but this design is a bit different.

We must also mention that double sinks also have some disadvantages, the largest of which depends on the space. A bathroom like this, for example, is quite large, larger than most standard bathrooms, so that not everyone can enjoy its benefits. Another concern may be the reduced counter space. The second sink takes up a lot of space on the counter, so you may not want to give it up.

12 Luxurious Vintage Bathroom Sinks Photos