Mirror Wall Sticker Decorations

Mirror wall sticker – Accent a room with a dreamy celestial theme with striking star decoration. A celestial bedroom theme is versatile in that it is appropriate for children of all ages and adults as well. Wall decoration of the inspirational star give the space an ethereal, otherworldly and style is a simple way to adorn a boring bedroom.

Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers Decal

A mirror showing a star-shaped plot is a creative addition to a celestial-themed bedroom. Choose a mirror with a wooden, golden or silver-tone frame depending on the overall appearance of the space. If the room has a theme of the beach, select a mirror in the shape of a starfish with a frame embedded in seashells. A wooden frame with hand-painted designs will give the room an artistic, eclectic touch. Hang the decorative mirror over a wardrobe or dresser for style and function.

Decorate the mirror with the vinyl sticks, which work as stickers but peel off without leaving residues and are reusable. Place one or two larger ones in the smaller mirror or use corners to form a pattern around the mirror. Use clings that match the jewel or theme tones, such as the princess decal stickers for a mirror in the girls room.

24 Mirror Wall Sticker Decorations Photos