Proper Placement For Bathroom Towel Rack

Bathroom Towel Rack – The placement of the towel rack, or racks, in the bathroom can be important for many reasons. A towel rack out of place too close to the shower could be a danger to people coming out of the shower. However, if the towel rack is too far then an accident can occur to someone reaching for a towel. That is to take the water and soap out of your eyes. It is useful to have a strategy for the installation of towel racks before beginning any remodeling project.

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A good height to place a shower towel rack is 4 feet off the floor. The placement of the 18-inch rack shower towel from the shower stop entrance should make a safe walkway. To give a feeling of consistency a towel rack bathroom sink should install 4 feet off the floor. Try to place the towel warmer sink as close to the sink as possible to allow quick access after shaving or whatever the sink is being used for.

If you can use a wall post to install one side of the towel rack then that would make your installation easier, but you do not need wooden posts to make sure that your towel rack is installed correctly. suggests that an average towel rack should be able to withstand 40 pounds of tensile pressure to allow people to pull wet towels from the rack. The best way to secure your towel rack in drywall is metal hooks to keep the towel rack in place for many years to come.

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