PVC Pool Towel Rack Design

PVC pool towel rack is easy to make and very little maintenance. By making one yourself you can determine the height and width for the type of towels. You can leave a PVC frame towel out in the open and not have to worry about it breaking or rusting. You can also use the paint made specifically for PVC to decorate in any style you would like.

New Pool Towel Rack

Determine the dimensions for your towel rack based on the size of your towel.Take your straight piece of PVC, measure and mark the base, legs and top of the towel  rack. Cut with the hacksaw. Take one of the tees. primer Put on one side of the tee  and then glue. Do the same on the part of the leg. Put the two pieces together and hold for 20 seconds. Do the same on the other side.

Take the tee. First and the tail of the other opening. Do the same with the piece that will go up. Put the two pieces together and hold for 20 seconds. Do the same on the other side. Take one of the legs and put primer and glue on top of the long part that goes up. Do the same inside the 90 degree elbows. Put the two pieces together. Make sure they are aligned so you will be able to join the two legs together with a single bar.

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