Sofa Arm Table Design Ideas

Sofa arm table – Today’s DIY is at the family’s request and it’s been a while since our mother took us saying that it would be very comfortable that the arm of the sofa had a stable surface on which to release the controls. The mobile … and finally his idea has been made reality and here we bring you the final result. A comfortable table for the arm of the sofa made with pallet wood.

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Measure the arm of the sofa and cut the wood according to what suits us. We have used the width of two boards of the pallet wood to give it more surface and that we fit without problems a glass of soda.

The wood of pallet is not totally regular so it does not match perfectly when joining the pieces. But nothing happens, this gives a rustic point to the table very cute. We decide which sides of the wood we want to see and try to marry them. Once we have chosen the best available arrangement. We can help us with a drill to make the way of the nails. So that not only will it be easier for us nailing us. But we avoid the risk that the wood opens and we spoil the piece.

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