Steps In Dismantling The Lazy Boy Sofa

When moving your Lazy Boy sofa to another room, it’s a better idea to disassemble or disassemble the piece. Instead of forcing through a locked door, hallway or staircase. Specially designed to facilitate its use, maintenance, and repair, disassembling the sofa La-Z-Boy is a relatively simple and direct procedure. Make a sketch of the lounger, or take a digital photo before disassembling the recliner – so you know where each piece goes during assembly.

Lazy Boy Sectional

Move over the cover, pillows, and cushions from the La-Z-Boy couch and set apart. Slide your fingers between the small space between the base of the recliner and your return to locate the levers on each side. Hold the backrest pad and gently remove it up so that it slips out from the clips that connect to the base of the sofa. Select the assistant to assist you to convert the sofa further, revealing its bottom frame.

Pull the metal brackets from where you pulled the screws outward, towards the center of the base of the sofa. Pull up on the seat base at the front, and locate the screws that attach the lower back part of the seat to the two branches. Locate the two screws that hold the arm to the base of the sofa. If necessary, convert the sofa to reveal its base. Grab one arm of the sofa and pull it upwards to free it from the plot. Adjust the arm to one side and repeat the process to release the other arm of the structure.

12 Steps In Dismantling The Lazy Boy Sofa Photos