Steps To Hang Wooden Spice Rack On Walls

Wooden Spice Rack – A spice rack is a welcome addition to any kitchen, and it provides quick and easy access to a wide variety of food condiments. There are two methods to hang a shelf of the spice. The first is to locate an element of the wooden frame within the wall, called a stallion, and attach the shelf of the spice to it. A second option is to use hollow wall fasteners, which can be attached anywhere. A stud assembly is more reliable and preferred for heavier spice racks.

Vintage Wooden Spice Rack

Determine and mark the location for a hollow wall closure as described in section one. Fixing elements for hollow walls are available in a variety of sizes and styles from any hardware store. Choose a suitable bra based on the weight of your grocer. Do not forget to include spices in weight estimation. Drill a hole in the wall for closing the hollow wall.

The manufacturer of the fastener will specify the required size hold. If it is not available, the hole should be large enough so that the fastener is inserted into the wall, but small enough to hold the fixing firm until it tightens. When in doubt, it is better to force the fastener into a little too small hole. Mount the spice rack to the wall by inserting a screw into the hollow wall closure. Tighten carefully, but enough to allow the fastener to hold the wall firmly. Repeat as necessary for all mounting holes.

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