Styles And Types Of Curtains For Living Room

A romantic or ultra-contemporary “package”

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Of various kinds and made with different fabrics, this type of curtains for living room can be simple fabric panels that run along the whole opening. Or the rich and soft drapes with more or less curled festoons. Certainly practical: they can be made with little fabric, take up minimal space and allow the light to enter the room. Because they have an adjustable height.

These models of modern curtain designs for living room, however, also have some minor flaws that should not be underestimated. In fact, especially in the “draped” version, they can become dust accumulators. And if they are installed on a frame that should be frequently opened they could create discomfort. Because to open the window it will be necessary to lift them every time. In addition, the operations of disassembly and reassembly for washing, in some cases, may not be very simple. All merits and defects to be evaluated very carefully before choosing them.

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In this case the awning, installed with a stick / rail or retractable housings in a specially designed cavity, will be composed of a double sheet. The first, in light and light fabric, will allow light to filter and freely enter. The second one, collected on one or both sides, will be made with a darker and heavier fabric and once closed it will completely obscure the room.

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