The Best Garage Floor Cleaner Tips

Garage floor cleaner – What product to clean and remove oil stains on the garage floor? Whether the floor of your garage or car park is concrete, cement, it is necessary from time to time to undertake the cleaning of the ground, especially if it is stained by gasoline or oil. But how to clean the … Remove the oil stains on the concrete floor of the garage by rubbing with a stiff bristle brush soaked with water and sprinkled with baking soda. Renew the operation until the total disappearance of the spots.

Clean Garage Floor

Or pour the special product on the garage floor (concrete or asphalt) to clean the engines and sprinkle it with loose cat litter or sawdust. Leave for a few hours and then sweep. Rinse the garage with a jet and brush energetically.

Sprinkle the stains on the garage floor with flour, let the product work, and repeat the operation several times. If this does not work use with the necessary precautions of hydrochloric acid. Sprinkle oil or gasoline stains with powdered cement, let the product work. Or scrub the floor stained with oil or gasoline from the garage   with a hard brush soaked in gasoline mixed with sand 24 hours, depending on the size of the stain, clean with a high pressure washer .

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