The Best Install Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor tiles are generally one of the most neglected and neglected parts of any home. A typical garage floor is smooth gray concrete, often stained and dirty. But if you invest a weekend and a little effort, you can transform your garage floor into a thing of beauty with ceramic tiles.

Garage Floor Tiles Ideas

Tiling the garage floor, clean the garage floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect all loose material. If you have any serious oil stains, use a concrete cleaner to remove as much as possible. The garage floor does not have to be impeccable, but you want to make sure that it is free of any residue or contamination that is going to keep the thin mortar joint from bonding with it.

Mix the mortar. In a plastic bucket mix your mortar with water. That wants to achieve a thick mixture; A side scoop held on your flange paddle should keep its shape and does not move or run. And then apply the lower layer of the tile. Spread your mortar on the garage floor with a notched trowel and fix the lower layer of the tile on top of it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the size of the notched trowel to use for mortar application.

12 The Best Install Garage Floor Tiles Photos