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Category: Bookcase Archive

White Corner Bookcase

L Shaped Bookcase In DIY Arrangement

L Shaped Bookcase – The only problem with books is that they take up space. To place the bookshelves along the walls and soon runs out of space on the wall. Instead of placing the bookshelves side by side against a wall, place it back on your back. Instead of walking around...

Mid Century Modern Bookcase Bed

DIY Ideas Of Mid Century Modern Bookcase

Mid Century Modern Bookcase – Modern mid-century design is recognize for its clean lines and interesting combinations of materials. Working on the principle of design “is more, less” designers of mid-century visual interest created by combining metal and wood ma...

Bookcase With Drawers Australia

Find Exactly A Unique Bookcase With Drawers

Bookcase with drawers – Looking for some exciting bookshelves for the home at home? In that case you can praise yourself lucky, as you find exactly a unique collection of even more unique bookshelves here. What matters to the majority of bookshelves is that you probably hav...

Ikea Bookcase Bench Hack

Fix Up A Cheap Corner Ikea Bookcase

Ikea Bookcase  –  Have you ever been looking for good furniture but what can you afford is the junk sold on Craigslist? Sometimes you want to get the corner bookshelf that you see in Ikea to put in your pocket but the price tag is more than just an excuse and you need to ...

Idea Great Small Bookcase

Small Bookcase Decor Ideas

Small bookcase – Maintaining a large library can show not only your literary interests, but your decorating skills for home as well. A well-organized and attractive library can be arranged in any number of ways, and can display anything from photographs and ornaments to flo...

White Solid Wood Bookcase

How To Fix White Wood Bookcase

White Wood Bookcase – If you live in an area prone to earthquakes or have children or pets, securing your shelves to the wall should be a high-security priority. Even if your living space meets any of these criteria, it’s not a bad idea. A fully loaded bookshelf 6 fee...

IKEA Kallax Bookcase

How To Make Metal And Wood Bookcase

Metal And Wood Bookcase – Building your own furniture can be one of the greatest pleasures a do-it-craftsman can experience. A bookseller is a wonderful beginner project because it is such a simple piece of furniture. You can dress with stains and decorative metal work to c...

Antique White Bookcase

Wonderful Suggestions To Decorate White Bookcase With Doors

Here you get a number of wonderful suggestions on how decor with white bookcase with doors can make your home more personal and cozy. Place your bookcase in the middle of the wall as a form of exhibition and your room will have an atmosphere of studio. Even if you plan to use you...

Rustic Desk And Bookcase

Unique And Rustic Bookcase Design Ready

Rustic Bookcase – There is a variety of decorations that can be applied in your favorite home. Besides the problem of taste, you also have to pay attention to the style of your home. Choosing a bookshelf is also important so that your bookshelf fits the theme of the room. A...

Modular Wall Shelving

Modern Bookcase In Material And Shape

A modern bookcase can be a feature in almost any room of the house. Clean lines can be used to accentuate other designs. Or as a focal point to update a more traditional house. Instead of using modern shelves in a traditional way. Such as for books, display different unusual item...