Trends Today: Large Wall Mirror

Large wall mirror – To enlarge the space or accentuate the natural brightness of its interior, nothing like the large mirror . So when it comes to covering a whole wall, the effect becomes spectacular. The power of this reflective material is such that it will bring a touch both original and fun to your home. Here is the decryption of the wall-mirror which offers an impression of infinity. The effects of a mirror on a wall are multiple. He enlarges a volume, illuminates a space, and sublimates a room.

Bronze Decorative Large Mirror

Ideas to apply at home. As for the treatments of the mirror, they are multiple: smoked, sandblasted, silkscreened … White patterns silkscreened on mirror walls that hide closets. The pattern is inspired by clouds, ripples and density play on the walls. Reflecting the parquet floor and giving the impression of reducing the space.

The idea was to cover one of the two side walls with four mirrors matching the shape of the vault, from floor to ceiling. Finally, to fix a mirror to the wall, it is better to opt for specific double-sided glues and adhesives, like the protective film for windows, which prevents breakage at the slightest impact.  Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!

12 Trends Today: Large Wall Mirror Photos