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Garage Door Ideas – When choosing a garage door we can have doubts. The garage doors provide a stately presence to our home. In this article, we gather the main types of garage doors. So, you can select the most suitable for your home. The materials commonly used for garage doors are metal, such as iron and stainless steel, or wood. A good option for interior garages is resistant PVC.

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For our choice to be a success we have to take into account the style and design of the facade, the material used to manufacture the door, the type of opening or closing and its price. We just want to tell you the characteristics of the different types of garage doors. The first is the tilting doors. If we do not have a lot of space, the overhead doors can be a good option. This type of door allows full use of the garage for its type of opening and the design of its vertical guides. There is also a type for hinged doors. This door can be of a leaf or of two leaves. They are ideal for residential or community garage doors. It requires wider spaces for the type of opening.

And then rolling doors that open vertically, making it ideal for small garages. The advantage is that the roof of the garage is clear and can be used as storage space. And the last type is sliding doors. These doors slide on guides through steel wheels horizontally. They are also ideal for small garages. Now it’s time to value your home and the type of garage doors that best suit it.

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