What To Do With Antique Mid Century Nightstand

Mid Century Nightstand – One of the wonderful things about antiques is their great diversity. Pieces of the many different periods in history and the many cultural influences of our planet will give endless options when it comes to decorating your home. There is no limit to the innovation you can make using antiques.

Danish Modern Nightstand

Old farm tools and instruments, such as metal tractor seats, rakes periods, plows and other pieces, can give the porch of your little house or the yard in your backyard a trip back in time to the 30s or even earlier. Add some art made of twisted barbed wire and some old irons to complete the look.

Back in the early and mid 20th century, hotels gave their guest stickers to put in their suitcases, and those cases of packaging came to symbolize the experience of traveling the world, as well as collecting stamps in the passport. While hotels no longer give these labels and each one carries black rolling cases now anyway, finding some vintage suitcases with stickers and stacking them in simple standing trays can make an interesting pair of tables or bedside tables. Organizing and displaying them on a shelf in one of the areas of your life will give your guests something to talk about when coming for functions and give them a daily sense of pride.

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