Wood Shed Ideas Plan

Wood shed ideas provide shelter and storage of cut wood so that it can be ready to burn when needed. It does not take much skill to build a wooden shed, so this is the perfect project for a beginning carpenter or weekend warrior. Simple plans that give structure to know what to do, but you can use your own creativity to make it your own. Cut 3 logs to 8 feet long and 3 logs to 6 feet long. These will serve as the posts for the wooden shed. Both ends must be flat.

Wood Shed Ideas Decor

Fix the 8-foot-long logs perpendicular to a 12-foot-long log using galvanized cut-to-length strip pipe and 1 1/2 inch galvanized nails. Work on one side of the frame, while it is on the ground, and then roll over and work on the other side. This will be the front of the shed. Place the 6-foot trunks to another 12-foot log in the same manner as in step 2. This will be the back of the ship.

Place 6 flat rocks in a 2-by-3 arrangement where you want your wooden shed to be located. The rocks should be 5 feet apart from each other. Place an asphalt scrap tile on top of each flat rock. Stand the front and back frames on the flat rock. It takes a couple of helpers to hold the beams in place until they can be secured.

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